To each his own. To me my own.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving. Work is done and now comes the reward – a four-day weekend. Here arrives the onset of all the holiday time off from work that has me spoiled by January, when everything’s over and schedules revert back to normal.

How I love Thanksgiving. The things I love about it? Most important would definitely be the quality time with family. I’ve gotta admit that all that good food runs a not-so-far-away second.

For years now, my favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving morning is to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in my jammies. That comes on in about an hour. I’ll then flip it over to the later parades, my very favorite being the one in Hawaii. I always imagine myself there in person watching it, hanging out underneath the palm trees, the warm tropical air brushing my skin. If I were to close my eyes during this imagery I’d even smell the coconuts and flowers, and taste the salt from the sea.

A Thanksgiving Day paper is mandatory. Last year I had to go without this precious commodity – well I wasn’t gonna let that happen again. I’ll be damned if I wasn’t up at the crack of dawn this morning to get one, and I scored. The infamous 3-inch thick Thanksgiving Day paper containing all the black Friday ads that we love to browse through while waiting on the feast to be served. Even if I can’t go out and shop, it’s a bit of a Thanksgiving tradition for me to browse through all those ads.

Thanksgiving also ushers in the irrefutable kickoff to the Christmas season, bringing with it that little rush of adrenaline. Oh, only a month now to get everything done! What to do….

I know what I’m doing. My plans of cooking were cancelled, being how my daughter and I are sick puppies. People don’t want to come over at a sick persons house to eat, understandably. I’ll just cook the turkey this weekend so as not to waste it. And today – I’ll watch my parades, browse through a bunch ‘o black Friday ads, sit around and count my many blessings, and take my babygirl out to eat at a nice restaurant tonight. We already have an awesome place picked out.


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