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Man’s Best Friend

This picture was taken after a harrowing storm in the Philippines over the summer. The image packed a big punch with me, so I thought I’d update the wording and share with all of you.

The original was posted via Twitter back in August by this fine gentleman/rescuer – God bless him. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

As most of you know, I have a new ‘son’ – Mr. Mojo Risin. He was unusually nervous on the way to get groomed for the first time today. Although the little man was afraid, he trusted his new Mommy implicitly. In fact, everything seemed more than okay – as long as we were Together.

Mr. Mojo Risin’

I found the little boy an hour after he was posted on the shelter’s website, and immediately called to inquire on him. I was told there was someone else also interested, but that the staff would put a ‘note’ out for him with my contact info signalling I was interested too. I know how this works and have done it before, many times. Realizing the shelter operates on a first-come first-serve basis, I literally ran up to my boss and asked if I could leave work an hour early, which he graciously obliged.

As I walked in the door, my heart sank – a large woman with another small dog in tow already had him in the acquainting room with her. I watched as she shooed him off with her foot and leg, and barked out commands which the little eleven-week puppy had yet to learn (she was also blissfully unaware of her loud voice bellowing into the corrider for everyone else to hear). I went to the front desk and spoke to the girls about ‘pup’, telling them I also had a note out on him. To my chagrin they informed me that Mean Lady™ was going to adopt him. Mean Lady™ had been there for hours waiting to adopt, but their computer system was down and they had to wait for it to come back up to complete the adoption. I verified once again that this was to be a sure thing, and they told me it was. As I walked toward the exit door, I noticed Mean Lady™ had her oversized leg and foot outstretched again towards the pup. I left the shelter in tears even though I’d never even met the little fella. I wondered just what kind of life he had in store for him.

That night at home I told Keith about my misadventure at the shelter and that Mean Lady™ was probably at home with her new pup by now. I pulled up the shelter’s website on the internet to show Keith his picture and immediately noticed he was still listed. They probably haven’t updated their database, I thought. I called them up anyway.

“Hello, my name is Bonnie Melton and…”

“Oh, Miss Melton, we were just about to call you!

“You werrrrrrre??”

As it turned out, Mean Lady™ thought the pup would grow to be ‘too big for her needs’ (I’m thinking she knew she couldn’t kick around a larger dog). Just as well.


Meet Mr. Mojo Risin. That’s Mojo to his homies. I guess now I’ll be able to say with full confidence… I’ve got my mojo back.

NewMommy said we’re going HOME now. I like the word home… it sounds homey.

My new sissy. I like sissies, cuz’ they give good kisses.

See?? Told ya.

I’m so sleepy and NewMommy’s purse is oh-so-comfy.

I think NewMommy needs some direction here…

What?? Who, me – pull?? Never.

The little eleven week-old border collie mix has stolen my heart from the very beginning. How someone could mistreat these little defenseless animals is beyond me. Here’s an added bonus… Mojo and Camille have the same color scheme going on! So does that mean I can say I have designer pets??

Boxton Love

Oh how I’ve missed my doggie lovin’. For years now, I’ve so yearned to have a dog again – I still have frequent dreams about my past furbabies. Everyone else’s dogs love the fact I’m still without, however – since they get extras whenever I’m around.

In fact, that’s what they refer to me as whenever I enter the room… The Extra. “Hey, Buddy!! Here comes The Extra!! Are YOU ready to RUMMMMM-BLLLLLE…???”

It seems as though I’ve always had a dog in my life, and I miss having one terribly. Just by pure happenstance, a certain picture got passed before me yesterday. I thought of nothing else all day long – this sweet little face that belonged to a Boston/Boxer Mix was like a slide that remained fixed in my blinders the entire day. The little pink ears and pads, his curious but loving eyes, the wrinkles on his kissable little head, and that strawberry character mark on those (yes, kissable again) characteristically boxer lips.

He’s a rescue, and he’s 3 years old – house-trained, all shots, good health, calm, friendly, good with kids, and has been described as a ‘social butterfly’ at the dog park. All 35 lbs of him. The original owners surrendered him due to finances, which is sad. Unfortunately we’re hearing of this more and more often.

I talked to the ‘rescuers’ this morning – good people. I won’t be able to meet him until Monday or Tuesday of next week since they’re going to the mountains this weekend. A good home is all anyone can ask for when it comes to our furbabies! The picture of this little boy has really stolen my heart like no other has the past few years… and this is the first dog I’ve actually called on. The only thing I’m concerned with is the possibility of him not getting along with Camille – of course that’s mandatory.

Is this not the most irresistible little boy you’ve ever seen??

I can’t wait to meet him.
(Just look at that little character mark….)