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Mean fish

I hate nightmares, and I had them all night last night. Two in particular stuck with me and I’ll elaborate on the latter one.

I was in a large room with my Mom and Grandmother, who passed away some time ago. I don’t remember how she looked or otherwise, I just remember her presence. At first there were giant aquariums, at least two, in the room. The fish were initially small, but gradually got bigger and bigger. They kept making faces at me, and at first it was funny. Then the fish, which were now upwards of two feet long, were showing their barracuda-like teeth in a threatening manner, all towards me. All the sudden, there was a dog – my dog, Chance. He was upon me and trying to bite me. I kept telling my Mom, ‘We can’t have this, look at him!” At one point I was clamping his jaws together and he was very agitated. When I’d let go, he’d get this far-off look in his eyes and glare straight at my throat. I then woke myself up.

I’m hoping Chance is really okay. There are many different meanings for fish in dreams, so there’s no telling what that one means. My search results were null on a google of ‘mean fish’. 😦


Photo credit ©Simon Rogerson


One response

  1. Kim

    I thought fish in dreams mean an impending pregnancy, but not necessarily yours. :)~

    July 8, 2010 at 8:33 pm

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