To each his own. To me my own.

A new grind

Back to the grind this morning. A grind I’m very thankful for, mind you – it’s just that I, like most working Americans on a Monday morning, would just rather be doing other things.

Had a busy weekend, even semi-productive. Got my place vacuumed, and I won’t say how long it’d been since I’d done that. My babydoll took me out to a Japanese steakhouse – a local one that’s been around forever but we’d never tried. We now have a new favorite, this place so totally rocked. The food was out of this world, they served us like we were the only people in there, and the prices could even be considered cheap! When we left, we both felt as though we’d been given royal treatment. I can’t wait to go back! Just remind me not to go on my birthday because they pie you. Me no like pie in face.

I also attended a friends 50th birthday party and had an awesome time. The back yard that belonged to the girl that threw the party was nothing short of amazing, and she’d done it all herself. From a little pond with the stacked slender rock, cascading water and lilypads, to a firepit on up, and a workshop with a woman’s touch at the end. I can’t do justice in describing it all – it felt just like being at the mountains with all it’s sereneness. She even had a eucalyptus tree, which in my 42 years of living I’ve never seen. I met some very sweet and interesting people too – one of which is a crime scene supervisor. Yep, just like the show CSI. I’ve definitely come to realize that it must take a very special person to do this ‘job’. Ya must have to be on top of your game 200% of the time. Out of all we talked about, the thing that stuck with me the most was when she said ‘I wanted to have a career helping people. To me, this is the ultimate way of helping people’. Yeah, a special person indeed.

My TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) gave me a real fit this weekend, so I just basically ate ibuprofen the whole time. I never know when or where it’ll kick in full force, but it sure did this weekend – and moreso than it’s done in a long time. Ugh. Better this morning, though!

Work calls. Everyone have an awesome week, and be blessed! ♥


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