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Mindless ramblings

March is packed full of birthdays for me. Today is someone I know’s birthday. I can’t think of who, though. I guess I’ll just put my faith in those facebook reminders and hope for the best.

I weighed in a day early today because, well – because I could. We’re going out to eat tonight for my daughter’s birthday (Saturday), and I know I won’t be working out. The scales teetered between 132.5–133 lbs!! So I’ve lost 1.5 lbs this week alone, only through diet – I can’t really say I’ve worked hard at exercising this week. I’m thinking, just think what the results might have been had I worked out too! So, total weight loss now is at 8 lbs. Can’t wait to get back under 130… I’ll feel like a contestant on Biggest Loser overcoming one of those number hurdles.

I’ve gotta reroute a bunch of wiring from my computer at work today. This is only part of what I’m dealing with.

Pardon the little piece of past there, the top of a cheetos bag. You have no idea how much I’m dreading this. It’s about a decade’s worth of poorly routed wiring – with all the dust I’m sure I’ll be a bag full of sneezes by the end of the day. That old G4 goes to the graveyard too, it’s been inoperable for a long time. Got a new hard drive this week (1 TB – wow feels weird even typing terabyte), so I’ll need to reroute 3 hd’s now. Once everything’s done, it’ll be well worth the effort.

Looking so forward to dinner at the Japanese restaurant tonight! These guys really put on a show – not to mention such good food. Then there’s that added bonus of getting a chef who’s not only able to juggle fire well but is a good comedian. 🙂

Everything is so green outside… what’s already been blooming is starting to change over to green and I love it. It’s almost like a fill-in on what’s been missing all this time, when the leaves come back. I love green, especially that ‘new’ green. Spring Euphoria – that’s what it is. Yeah.


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