To each his own. To me my own.

Feather light

I am light as a feather this morning. Almost all of me. My mind. My soul. My whole sense of being.

Hey, did you hear about Mark Sanford and John Edwards being on the same democratic ticket for 2012? Mark Sanford will handle International Affairs, while John Edwards will take over Domestic Affairs.

Bah-da-BAH!! 😀

Although this joke’s probably old by now, I’ve gotta admit that I still find it funny as hell. Hey, if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. Gotta lighten up sometime.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Ever thought about that phrase? It simply means ‘those of similar interests stick together’. I believe it to be something more like birds of ‘like feathers’. There are many varying opinions as to the origin of the phrase, and after doing a little research myself I’ve decided to just pout and settle with “a proverb of undetermined origin.”

People tend to be drawn to others with corresponding interests. They can also be attracted to persons with alike beliefs, morals and standards for living. On the high side, morale is generally high in these type groups. On the low side, certain traits and characteristics, if taken to the extreme, can be a very bad thing. Take terrorism, for example.

I see a big ole’ flock o’ DoDo’s up in Washington. Spotted ’em all the way from down here.

On another note, there is one thing that is not feather-light this morning. My heart is heavy for three of my friends, each of which has a parent in the hospital. Only one of these cases has a ‘good’ prognosis for the father. The other two, one mother is on life support and the other mother has had lung cancer spread to her brain in what is now a stage 4. I simply cannot imagine what these friends are going through. It’s simply incomprehensible to me, to lose a mother or father. I pray that God will lift my friends and their parents up.

Just another slap of reality to remind us that our time here is indeed so short. To do our very best to be happy, enjoy the time we do have – and  love like crazy.


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