To each his own. To me my own.

One break, comin’ up

I’m making myself do it – take a blogging break. I’ve been a good little girl and wrote on this thing every day now for a while, and have very much enjoyed doing so. If nothing else, it’s a release spout – and it quenches the thirst I’ve always seemed to have for writing. I do believe we’re gonna have some serious blogging breaks on this beautiful weekend… 60º today, and 66º tomorrow! I suppose my guy was right when he said there will be a lot of bikes out on the road this weekend, I hear ’em already. Everyone please be very careful and mindful of this.

Got a lot of errands to run today and I’m running behind. Couple of stores to hit, car to wash, nails to get done, and I’ve got to round up something to make to take to my guy’s brother’s house tomorrow. They’re grilling out in celebration of his Mother’s 60th 59th birthday. Darnit we were told wrong. Good thing we weren’t making the cake.

Yay, Spring…. although it’s officially not here yet, at least we can pretend for a little while this weekend. 😉

He's lookin' for Spring too....


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