To each his own. To me my own.

Colors of life

Well, the forecast for this weekend is sunshine and temps around sixty for both days. Baby, we’ve got some serious Spring fever out there brewing. You folks around my area, we’d be nuts not to get out there and enjoy this upcoming weather. I’m salivating just writing about it.

So I get a breaking news email this morning (I subscribe to these from CNN ever since 9/11). It reads: “Iran may be working on secretly developing a nuclear warhead for a missile, IAEA draft report says.” May be? Is this a surprise to anyone? If so, please – it’s time to replace that idiot cap with your common sense beret.

I got to sleep in an extra half hour this morning since the pressmen aren’t working OT today. My furbaby Camille didn’t take into account this time difference, and came up to me on the bed this morning meowing very loudly in my ear. Apparently this altered her schedule in a huge way. After all, she was supposed to already be in her bathroom sink drinking her morning dosage of faucet water. Too funny.

Ever hear the term “He/she just showed their true colors”? Believe it or not, everyone has them. But like a rainbow, those colors come in many different hues and tints… as well as shades. I have a very good friend (before you even think it – no, I’m not disguising myself as a friend) who happens to be one of the smartest girls I’ve ever known in my life. I’ve always respected her opinion and have often sought her advice, and will continue to.

This friend has been engaged to be married for several months now. Like myself, she was married to her first and only husband for 20+ years. She finally met the man who seemed to be her soulmate. Long story short, as of recent, those true colors have came out and has made very evident the personality he, even if only currently, has. More often that not, this doesn’t become apparent until you’ve already recited your vows. She is a strong woman. It is because of this she was able to say ‘enough’. This is such a tough thing, one of the toughest things in life to go through…. and I am so very proud of her.

At my weekly weigh-in today, I’ve lost another two pounds. I’m ecstatic over this – although I’ve literally worked my ass off this week I didn’t feel like I’d lost any. I also took my daughter out for mexican last night, and knowing my weekly weigh-in was today I silently stressed over what to eat. I ended up with some chicken tacos off of the light menu that were so good that I believe I’ll get them next time too! Total weight loss now is 4.5 pounds. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but whenever I think that I’ll just pick up my 5-pound dumbbell at home to remind myself that it IS.

Happy Friday…Happy Weekend, everyone. And guess what? Happiness is a she. 🙂

Happiness is a rebound from hard work. One of the follies of man is to assume that he can enjoy mere emotion. Happiness must be tricked. She loves to see men work. She loves sweat, weariness, self-sacrifice. She will not be found in the palaces, but lurking in cornfields and factories, and hovering over littered desks. She crowns the unconscious head of the busy person. ~David Grayson


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