To each his own. To me my own.

To Adore or Abhor

It seems like everybody else is doing one of these, so I figure why not me? Yeah, yeah you say… if your buddy jumps off a bridge are you gonna do it too? To which I respond, of course not. But maybe if I was guaranteed a soft landing, and the ride down looked enticing enough…..

Things I Like:
That first good whiff of a clean towel when I get out of the shower •• Daydreaming •• The smell of the beach, every little smell •• Seashells •• When a baby smiles at me – it’s the purest thing you’ll ever see •• Wrigley’s 5 gum •• Being told ‘I love you’ •• A very cold can of diet coke •• Fresh flowers •• Well-written love stories •• Time off from work •• Photography •• The first sip of a freshly opened bottle of white merlot •• The ocean, the lakes, the rivers •• Sunrises and sunsets •• Naps in the afternoons •• Big bright windows •• British accents •• Smeagol/Gollum •• Nostalgic moments •• Butterflies •• A few moments of true belly-laughter •• Payday •• Animals – and people who love them •• Flip flops •• Naturally funny people •• Hugs and kisses for no reason at all •• Long hot showers and baths •• Character •• The smell of fresh cut grass •• Writing •• Elderly people •• Annual Saturday sheet changes •• Jalapenos •• Rainy Sundays •• Witnessing a romantic moment •• Dissecting my dreams •• Gentlemen who hold the door open for me •• Finding God in unexpected places •• Manners •• Music that corresponds with my mood •• Witnessing acts of kindness •• The open road before me •• Sleeping in on weekends •• People-watching, minus the creepy •• Singing •• Baking during Christmas •• Being alone

Things I Dislike:
Drama of any flavor •• Parents that are bossed around by their kids •• An angry drunk •• A liar •• A cheapskate •• People that shun caffeine of any sort for spiritual or any other reason •• Pick-up lines •• Abortions •• People that hate having their picture taken and constantly stick to it •• Telemarketers •• Idolatry of any kind •• Animal abusers •• Spouses who raise their hand in anger •• Traffic and bad drivers •• A rude or otherwise loud person – minus a’million points to the boastful atheist •• Alarm clocks •• Barack Hussein Obama •• Confrontation •• People who use people •• Loose females •• Bad breath. Bad hygiene, period – only homelessness can validate this •• Terrorists •• Chewing tobacco •• Spiders •• Foods within shells •• Overly negative people •• Cheating spouses •• People who stop at yield signs •• Pain •• Broken promises •• Habaneros •• Bad grammar •• Drunk drivers •• Being sick •• People who underestimate me •• People who judge me •• The “I can top that” person •• Pornography •• Close-toed shoes •• Being financially unstable •• Extreme heat and cold •• Being alone


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