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The Good Stuff

Remember when life was simple? No Internet, no cellphones, no playstation or wii. We had to actually visit an arcade to play any type of video game. McDonalds, Hardees and Burger King were the only fast food joints ever heard of. We spent more time outdoors than we spent inside. And, television was simple – and good.

Last night K and I were talking about these times (it all started when he was singing the theme sing to Green Acres) and we found ourselves YouTubing vids of certain shows. Green Acres certainly was the place to be. “Dahlin’ I love you but gimme Pahk Avenue” is still ringing in my head this morning. Then there were others that I remember so well…

Soap. Love, American Style. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Leave it to Beaver. I Dream of Jeannie. Gilligans Island. The Carol Burnett Show. Oh my, I’m showing my age here – but this is the era of television that I grew up with.

And I miss it.