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My normal little life at home was disturbed last night. It has been discovered that we have a peeping Tom (umm, make that a Tombrero). The piece of crap was discovered last night peeping in on my first-floor neighbors. Of course I called the authorities, but he disappeared before the officer got there.

My normal little life at home consists of a peaceful third floor condo in a nice complex situated within a small little lake town. Realizing that no place is totally safe, there are places that are more desirable than others to live. A lot of things were considered when choosing a place to live – but safety came first for me. To me, peeping in on someone is one of the ultimate revocations of your privacy. This is just one of the reasons I chose the third floor – but not everyone gets a choice on this, and also some people actually prefer the ground floor.

It obviously wasn’t a first for this peeping Tombrero. My boyfriend’s eagle eyes noticed the guy had his sweatshirt turned inside out in an attempt to throw off the color of his clothing. To ice the cake, the scumbag was even performing a vile act in public while he was looking in. Just great. Of course he disappeared before the police arrived, but not before hopping over the balcony for a better view. I just got off the phone with the office at my complex and our conversation was not taken lightly. I told them until he’s caught, I will have the cops out there every single time I see him. Keith made an excellent suggestion last night… when I’m out on my dark balcony and see him down there again – snap a picture! The flash alone will freak him out. I am adding on to this suggestion. In my other hand, I will have a can of wasp spray that shoots down thirty feet.

And I’m a damn good shot.

It’s Pier-Thirty…

A man’s hope of evading a domestic violence charge was dashed when he dove into the ocean after a car chase and attempted to swim away. He ended up clinging for his life to a post of the Garden City Pier.

Read full story here.

The Garden City Pier is my very favorite. As much as I love the ocean and this pier, I simply cannot fathom jumping in and swimming out beyond it. I mean, that’s asking to either a) acquire a nice-sized hook in your neck, b) get a chunk taken out of you by the sharks that are known to frequent the waters surrounding the pier, or c) drown.

For this reason, Jerry Lee Thompson, Jr. gets my ‘balls of the day’ award. Congrats Jerry – hope it was worth all the barnacle cuts and scrapes.