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Just how important have notes become in our lives? I can tell you on a scale of 1-10, they rank about a 9 in mine. I’m talking about the notes some of us will create as reminders to perform tasks or even just to jot down a matter of importance. I’ve had a love affair with sticky-notes for what seems like forever – I still have them all over my house, as well as work. I used to keep a dayplanner for many years too, with the refills costing approximately twenty-five bucks annually (I like the ‘pretty’ ones). At the end of each year, I’d rubber-band them up and file them with the previous years… something I could then term as a whole year’s ‘diary’ – because basically that’s what it became.

I quit using my dayplanner about a quarter of the way through 2010. Looking back, the fact I did this still saddens me. My little dayplanner still takes it’s daily ride to and fro in my black work bag, but sits alone and unopened – except in the rare instance where I need a stamp or return address label. In this time, I’ve graduated to keeping electronic notes, which I said I’d never do. And here’s the reason why.

The almighty iPhone has it’s own “notes” app. Simple, basic, easy to use – all a person needs from a notes app. Thing is, there’s some sort of glitch with it because lately it’s been ‘dropping’ notes. All my notes as of this morning… once again gone – no buh-bye, no nothing. My research has been bleak as to the answer why. I’ve tested several theories, all to no avail. I’ve found it happens with and without syncing. I keep all my apps up to date, as well as software. I can only imagine if the notes that went AWOL had to do with work, clients, etc. – like some I’ve read of…. thank goodness mine were all personal and not business. But still!! Major pain.

There’s some rave reviews out there about the ‘Evernote’ app, so I downloaded it this morning. I’ll be sure to let ya know how that works out for me. I’ll give one more go at trusting an electronic device as my brain’s external hard drive. If this one fails – once again, ole’ Bon’s gonna make her dayplanner very happy.