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Aside from the occasional reality show, Discovery and History channels, about the only thing I watch on television is national news channels. I learned a few things about the Warren Jeff’s case in Utah yesterday that were so disturbing I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Unfortunately I’m not talking about one of my favorite water sports here.

I’m aware of the bigamy. The child marriages. The alleged ‘brainwashing’. The whole god-like persona this man has assumed in order to maintain control of his sect. I refuse to label any of this as religion – I will however label it as false religion. False religion as in hiding under the word of God to promote his and others own selfish and unspeakable acts. Hey, I realize it’s just my opinion – but it’s what I believe.

As if all of the above wasn’t bad enough…

I must admit, I had no earthly idea what waterboarding meant. Wiki describes this torture as ‘water being poured over the face of an immobilized captive, causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning’. Apparently there are varying forms of the abuse, and the women of this compound in Utah have put an entirely different spin on it. They are taught to restrict their babies from crying from birth throughout toddlerhood. When the babies cry, they instinctively cup their hands over the babies mouths to ‘quiet’ them. This deprives them of air, thus halting the crying momentarily. As more crying ensues, they repeat this torture until the child is completely exhausted and just falls asleep passes out. By the time the child gets older, they will have been all but voided of their emotions – which was the plan all along. Transformed into a debilitative state of mind, the females become totally reliant on their male elders for literally everything.

This is an absolutely deplorable act. It’s illegal. It’s child abuse in one of the highest forms. It shouldn’t be labeled something as aesthetically or audibly pleasing as ‘waterboarding’. I’ll just call it what it is, thanks – smothering.

As of last night, officials are pondering whether to file formal charges on the adult women with child abuse. Of course they should!! Officials should do anything and everything to take charge of this situation and protect these poor children who have no voice. How could you hand over your 11-year old daughter to a 50+year old man in the hand of marriage rape? Sorry, no mother-of-the-year award for you this go-round. I say charge these women now, and get the children out now. Counseling for undue influence can come at a later date. Know that Warren Jeffs IS replaceable, and will be if convicted – no doubt about that little factoid.

It’s 2011, and these unspeakable acts are still being committed against our children. Simply unbelievable… or is it?