To each his own. To me my own.

Never can tell…

I’ve been thinking about the word unpredictable. To me it almost always preceeds an unfavorable outcome. Almost.

Unpredictable: Something difficult or impossible to foretell or foresee.

A drive in to work in the morning. I’m in the left lane, cruising along, not bothering a soul. Situated in a nice little flow of moving traffic who I like to term ‘dancing partners’. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing – almost. Enter car on the right that I’m getting ready to pass, just like all my other dancing partners just did… I see the impatience radiating from the car’s body. That slightest move left and quick jerk back right, ever so desiring to be in my position.

Unpredictable. Move on past ’em – quickly now.

How about that family member who all your other family members simply dread to be around. This person lives to create turmoil, speaks ill of you behind your back, and continually strives to be in the midst of controversy.

Unpredictable. Let’s keep on movin’.

I’m watering my many flowers, and along comes a large thirsty wasp like they so often do these days. Don’t even waste your time telling me ‘It’s okay, just don’t panic. Stand still and everything will be fine’. I’m outta there.

Go, quickly. Unpredictable.

Let’s say I’ve been out on the beach a few hours now, and it’s mid-afternoon. I take note of the darkening sky in the distance, and know what will probably be upon me soon – a thunderstorm. Or, maybe not.

Hey I’m at the beach, in this case I’m stayin’. Who cares if I get wet? πŸ™‚

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