To each his own. To me my own.

Last day

So onto the last day of the weekend. That’s always what I consider Sunday, really, and I don’t mean it to sound at all sacreligious. Its just how I think of it when it comes to going back to work tomorrow.

This has once again been a great weekend. I knew it was gonna rain pretty much the whole time but I didn’t care – add the fact we needed it. As long as I get to spend time with my love then the sun is always shining. I know I’ve written enough sappy stuff lately so I won’t taint yet another blog. Oh wait, I’d better not make any promises!

Have I mentioned how much in love I am? 😉

Made an angel food cake last night and a pasta salad, in the middle of doing the occasional tequila shot. Later today the angel food cake will be adorned with fresh strawberries, strawberry drizzle and whipped topping, transforming it into strawberry shortcake. I figured I needed to cook something after all the eating out we’ve done the last few days. I do love to cook, but it’s like I said just last night – I wish I had better resources.

As I lay here watching my love sleep (so very peacefully), I wonder just how someone could abuse this beautiful man with such a large heart. For it to become a way of life, a means of living. Enduring it on a daily, weekly, yearly basis. To have your heart and trust trampled on like it was nothing more than a filthy rag. Well, my dear love… know that those days are over, forevermore. Sometimes a train wreck really does have it’s survivors.


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