To each his own. To me my own.


It’s been a while since I’ve done it – dedicate a blog to count my many blessings. I’ve done enough bitching here recently about my taxes and a few other things, that I actually think I’m overdue on this blessing count.

First and foremost, for the Son Jesus – whom our Lord sent down to die for my countless sins so that I may be cleansed forevermore. I’m very much aware that I have a potty mouth more often than not, but I do know the Truth. I’ll just continue to work on my potty mouth.

I am thankful for the ride to work in the morning, and the sun and the spring. The many leaves that have filled in and shape the trees now, and all the green. Work… what on earth would I do without my job? Can’t even begin to imagine an answer for that one. My ever-faithful car, which has really been a low-maintenance rock of a car. Back home, I have a pantry and refrigerator both full of food. And drink. My small furbaby who loves me unconditionally – every day running to meet me at the door. When I pick her up, she buries her little head in my neck to show me just how far that unconditional love goes.

I’m blessed to have all the comforts I have in my home – my computer, my television, my cozy little kitchen with everything I could ever need at my fingertips. The ease – the ease of it all. The warm baths and hot showers. My exercise machine, my warm comfy bed. The sprawling balcony which overlooks the forest and has become my outdoor sanctuary, and all the living greenery that makes it my home. The clothes and accessories I wear, every toiletry I could ever need in my entire life is at my fingertips. And, I feel healthy.

I’m thankful for my family, and my circle of friends. I could never express how much I truly love and treasure them. My beautiful Mom and Dad who have taught me what love for our Lord really is. My beautiful daughter who has accomplished more in life than I ever thought humanly possible, and is still attacking life largely. And the beautiful man in my life that shows me daily how much he loves me, through his actions and words. I honestly cannot imagine my life without him in it now.

Blessings, countless blessings. Gotta list them out every so often – lest we dwell on the things in life that just don’t matter so much…


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