To each his own. To me my own.


Had my guy over to eat last night. I cooked…

You got it. Full-on course o’ mexican. Ground beef, chicken and steak with all the trimmings along with refried beans, spanish rice, chips and fire-roasted salsa. Pretty much one of those dishes I could eat every day.

The now well-traveled Guadalupé says ‘Hola, Amigos – Bienvenidos!’ Hey, who needs a travelocity gnome when you’ve got a traveling Guadalupé!? I found this little guy yesterday (don’t ask me how). The name Guadalupé immediately came to mind (don’t ask me why). After that, he circulated around in pretty much everything I did. Guadalupé has made appearances in my work, emails, IMs and texts – now he’s found his way into my blog. Who knows where he and his 5 o’clock shadow will end up next. Okay, I think I mentioned yesterday that it actually takes very little to entertain me, and if there’s any one thing I’m good at – it’s entertaining myself.

So I was danger ALERT thinking about a tweet I recently saw. Yeah, twitter really can be educational. It’s always been interesting to me how stoplights operate. Whether or not they’re timed or actually have a sensor has always been a hilariously controversial subject between a certain person and myself. Of course there’s a webpage answer – I would expect nothing less!! Functionality of a traffic light

I think facebook poking is funny as hell. Especially the ‘perpetual’ poke. Have I mentioned the fact that it takes very little to entertain me?


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