To each his own. To me my own.

Good scents

I’m right about ready to take a Friday off. Although it’s only mid-February, it seems like forever since I’ve had a three-day weekend. We tend to get spoiled around the holidays with all the time off, and get a real slap of reality when it comes time to get back to basics. I need a day off.

Actually, I think I’ll request my birthday off. Yeah. That’s on a Friday this year. What better day to take off than your birthday?

I’m actually proud of myself. Today I’m in a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to pull up in a very long time. I’m now able to look at myself in the mirror and tell a bit of difference, albeit slight, in my shape. It’s an awesome feeling.

As I stepped outside I immediately noticed the air has that smell about it today. You know – that sweet smell? It’s the smell of Spring. Call me crazy, but I believe most of you have smelled it before. It’s out there today, that’s for sure – and it’s very presence was unexpected. What a wonderful scent….

The birds, if nothing else, are busy prepping theirselves for Spring. All the chattering, whistling, building and playing – I love watching it. Can’t wait to get my balcony back in order again – hummingbird feeder up, couple ‘o hanging baskets, put the palm tree back outside. I need to get a stand for my now-enormous fern that I’ve kept alive all winter – I plan to put it outside my front door and get a new one for the balcony. I need something I can easily lift up and down off the hanging chain on my balcony, and I simply cannot lift the big one anymore. And, I already have a new citronella bucket ready to go. 🙂

Yep, this ole’ girl’s still anxiously awaiting Spring’s arrival. I can think of nothing else. But for now, everybody remember to…

Thought for the day:

Years ago I preferred clever people.  There was a joy in beholding a mind bearing thoughts quickly translated into words, or ideas expressed in a new way.  I now find that my taste has changed.  Verbal fireworks often bore me.  They seem motivated by self-assertion and self-display.  I now prefer another type of person; one who is considerate, understanding of others, careful not to break down another person’s self-respect.  My preferred person today is one who is always aware of the needs of others, or their pain and fear and unhappiness, and their search for self-respect.  I once liked clever people.  Now I like good people.

~Solomon Freehof


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