To each his own. To me my own.

People are crazy

Another night of tossing and turning, I got some sleep but certainly not the amount I needed. Guess I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and take a tylenol pm soon.

On the way to work this morning I heard the song by Billy Currington “People are Crazy”. The first thing that came to mind was that professor Amy Bishop that snapped and murdered 3 people, wounding 3 others. Coworkers. Shot ’em at close range in a boardroom meeting. One by one, in the head. Then, one in the chest. Quoting directly from her closest friend in the boardroom at the time, Debra Moriarity – Bishop unloaded the bullets one by one, then turned to her with “intense eyes, a set jaw” and then fired at her. Click. Empty magazine. Shit.

It was Moriarity’s lucky day.

People are crazy, all right. We never who we’re coming in contact with on a daily basis. It’s probably better that we don’t know. Now the stupid bitch is playing insane. “I didn’t kill anybody – they’re still alive.” Sorry, I’m not buying it. Especially now that it’s come out she shot and killed her brother back in ’86. And what about the mail bomb she allegedly sent to the Harvard professor’s office? Oh, I guess she’s not a stupid bitch after all. With an IQ of 160, she’s actually considered quite the genius…

Yep, people are crazy. In this day and time I don’t think you ever can really say you know someone. Some people, anyway. It’s a scary thing and it blows my mind to think of the many instances of people ‘snapping’. Just chilling.

This weather outside today and the weather we’re forecasted to have the rest of the week is gonna give me and everybody else a serious case of spring fever. Carolina blue skies, and semi-warmer temperatures. Birds are singing (and mating, guess that gives them reason to sing 🙂 ). I yearn to get outside again. It’s been a long hard winter…. I’m definitely ready for some life again.

There-there, dear. Shan’t be long, now…


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