To each his own. To me my own.

In the sick tank

So worried about my babygirl, she woke up sick again yesterday with flu-like symptoms. She went to the doc, who informed her she didn’t have the flu or strep, just a bad virus with flu-like symptoms. So I’m on the way to work this morning when my phone rings. It’s her, in tears and can’t even hardly talk. Apparently, she says, she’s been misdiagnosed because she has this huge lump in her throat and can barely swallow. She has constant chills associated with fever. We’re trying to get her back into the doc this morning, umm strike that – she WILL get back in there this morning.

Just made the call and got her in around 11 today. You never stop worrying about your kids no matter how old they are, and wishing the illness upon yourself instead. God, the worst was last March when she had her wisdom teeth removed and the oral surgeon didn’t administer the proper amount of novacaine. She came out of the anesthesia in screaming pain. It took several hours to finally get the pain meds to kick in, and by that time she had exhausted herself into pretty much passing out. Which she did actually pass out once in the bathroom, thankfully her father was standing behind her at the time and caught her when she fell backwards. Her Dad and I both shed tears for the kid that day. I can only imagine what parents of kids with serious illnesses must go through, having to watch their kids suffer.

There are constant blessings all around us. One has only to look around to see them.

She just got out of the doctor and was very pleased with the doctor she saw today. This man is actually one of the top Internal Medicine MD’s in our entire state, he makes the list every year – I’ve seen him many times in the past myself. Sure enough, there is an infection going on in her throat as well as tonsillitis. He mandated antibiotics for her illness (wonder why the doctor yesterday couldn’t have done that??). Even though she was told yesterday that she didn’t have a fever (she has been really concerned about the chills) he assured her that she did, just most likely wasn’t registering because everyone’s average body temp is on a different scale. Thank goodness we still have a few people out there who know what they’re doing when it comes to our health. I shudder to think of what we’ll be enduring soon if we get pushed into public healthcare.


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