To each his own. To me my own.

The ripened years

I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning, and the topic of age came up. Apparently there’s been a study done to determine ‘the best age’ to be. The little wheels in my head started spinning and for whatever reason, the number 28 popped up. The actual result was 46.

It was explained that 46 is the ‘Gateway to the Golden Years’. Well, that philosophy in itself kinda turns me off. I mean, I know the golden years are gonna happen, but I honestly don’t know of anyone who looks forward to them. Furthermore, it certainly wouldn’t top my list of explanations why 46 would be ‘the best age’. Anyway, they went on to say that 46 is the time in life when one seems to be most settled – usually having a loving spouse and children (yes they really said this), a house, and a good career. In conclusion, persons of this age are overall the most financially stable or content.

Well. As the old song by Meatloaf goes – Two outta Three ain’t bad. (Cough-cough)…in my case, two outta five. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful as hell for those two outta five.

In any case, the above interpretation at least shines a different light on how I feel about the current age I’m at. Although it’s not gonna make me anticipate my ‘golden years’ any more, I think it’ll at least make me more grateful for the present. And, I did get a chuckle or two out of writing this blog. 🙂


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