To each his own. To me my own.

Carolina Blue Skies

Off to our annual doctor visits we go today, my daughter and I. We schedule our visits together every year so we can share in each other’s misery. It’s definitely something we look forward to every year about as much as taking a swift kick in the ass. But it’s also together time, and I grasp at every bit of that I can get. The carolina blue sky outside today kinda sweetens the deal.

And so the sweet aroma of Friday has finally crept in. A couple of days rest will do a body good. Still having much trouble believing the first week of December has almost passed! I’ve already resolved myself that I’ll be one of the late shoppers this year. Heck most people I know are already finished their shopping. I’ve actually decided to make a game out of it for myself and see how late I can start without running right on past Christmas.

TGIF, wishing everyone a long and happy weekend. 🙂


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