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Internet Cheating

Oh yes I am going to go there with this.

Harmless or dangerous – or does it all depend on the circumstances? Hmm, you say… are we talking friendships, flirting, or actual cheating? And how do I define cheating? A relationship treachery. A betrayal in your partner’s trust; failure to be honest. Whether it be either your husband/wife or your significant other, i.e. boyfriend or girlfriend. Although to some it may seem innocent, internet cheating can be very damaging to a relationship.

We all know the exact definition of cheating has always been up for debate. Must it always result in a physical relationship, or could it also be defined as emotional? The internet provides endless possibilities in this area – chat rooms, social networking sites, dating services, craigslist, and the list goes on. I know I know, these days you can walk into a public bathroom, and well – that’s kind of how the internet works.

If you know what you’re doing, you can still launch yourself into cyberspace and do a pretty fair job at maintaining your anonymity. Which leads to my original question – harmless or dangerous? And why is it so tempting, sometimes irresistible, to pursue a romantic relationship over the internet – if you are already in a relationship?

Generally, the results of an online exchange between two interested parties will NOT be without sexual banter. Just take a look at some of the social networking apps on myspace (ie, the drinking games). Most groups of ‘app buddies’ are provocatively-named females imploring you to chat. This can result anywhere from the exchange of pics/phone numbers all the way down to meeting in person. (Social networking people, you might be surprised at what shows up in the new feeds about you.)

I’m not saying that all internet relationships are bad. I know that it’s natural for people to want to ‘connect’ with other people in some way shape or form. Flirting has always been a confidence booster – and something many of us do regularly without even recognizing it. I guess the key is knowing when to draw the line, provided you have the strength to do so and are able.

My personal opinion is that it’s just not worth the risk of hurting your loved one – period. But, that’s just me.


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