To each his own. To me my own.

Sunday Mornings

Mmmm. Waking up on Sunday mornings. Albeit alone – I’m healthy, the sun is shining, and I’ve got a brand new toasted bagel with honey cream cheese on one side and butter/grape jam on the other. Life is good.

What does it take to be thankful? A look around you. Here’s just a little piece of my own view.

The forest I overlook. Okay, the leaves are going away quickly, but it’s so beautiful. My precious cat who is playing under the corner of the bed hoping I’ll be over there momentarily to make it (and I will). The gorgeous sun shining brighter by the minute, getting ready to top the trees. The warmth and true home feel of my apartment, my little tree house in the sky. The long hot shower that is waiting for me whenever I’m ready. Having a job. I’m so thankful for that job…. Food. Drink. My family, who supports me endlessly, especially in those moments where I temporarily forget to be thankful. A good car that gets me to and from where I need to go. A cellphone, a computer – even in today’s world those are luxuries that many don’t have! Clothes to wear – never mind that there’s nothing new in there, that’ll come later. My piece of mind. Oh, that’s so important. My own mind, that for once, I possess control over. Music, the beautiful endless music. The seasons. I do love each of them, all four have different meanings to me. The ocean – that while I cannot touch or see at the moment, I can visit in my mind whenever I want.

The sun just topped the trees. It spills through my windows and bounces off the crystals, casting rainbow prisms everywhere.

Yeah. Just take a look around.


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