To each his own. To me my own.

NYY Fan Base

I read a status on FB this morning (from a family member no less) that read: “All these Yankees statuses, sheesh!! How many of y’all are actually from NY?!?!?! I know of only a few”. I’m thinking, and your point is….?

Prior to 1995, ‘our’ Carolina Panthers did not yet exist. Back then, the general consensus around here resulted in the locals being either Cowboys or Redskins fans. Throw in a few Dolphins fans for good measure. Try telling of these people they weren’t a true fan – seeing as how they weren’t originally from Texas, Washington or Florida! Laughable. Furthermore, if you were to ask these same people today – the majority would still speak of their ‘original’ team with fond regard. This is called being a fan. It’s what being a fan is all about.

I’ve been a Yankees fan for longer than this almost 30-year old individual has been an adult. So why does that particular comment bother me? I guess it’s because a comment like that insults the integrity and the pride I feel and hold for my team. If you have years invested in following ‘your’ team, why would someone even touch on insinuating your intentions for following that team would be for anything less than genuine reasons?

I live on the North/South Carolina border. This area has not yet been lucky enough to score their own MLB team. That said, many of the people with roots here are Atlanta Braves fans. I do like the Braves myself – but MY team is the Yankees. If I WERE a Braves fan though, would it make me less of a fan since I am not from Georgia??

Hell no it wouldn’t.

So, here’s to the 27th World Series Championship, Yanks – very well earned, might I add. I’m so proud of you. Much love sent from your fan here in South Crackylacky.


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